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Accur8vision is an expanded perimetric security system. Unlike conventional systems that typically only guard perimeters, A8V guards the entire area of a patrolled space. If the intruder enters the guarded area, the system is notified. The operator will have information based on the exact location, size, and speed of the intruder. Even the trajectory of his movements will be known.

How It Works
The most powerful security system

Alarm event

The alarm occurs when an intruder enters a zone. The zone is a 3D object that has width, height, and depth. The zones are very simple and are shown in the 3D map. Once an intruder enters an active alarm zone the intruder’s movement, speed and trajectory can be seen. During an alarm event the number of intruders, time, and zone name will also be displayed. The lidars and the cameras work together inside accur8vision. All cameras will rotate to the point of intrusion. This way, the operator will know the exact x,y,z position of the intruder and the cameras will also never lose sight of them.

Unlimited zone design

Alarm zones

Alarm zones are a 3D area that has width, height, and depth. The zones are very simple and are shown in the 3D map. From alarmed zones to delayed zones, each zone may have different alarm priorities and settings. In each zone, objects that could generate false alarms (ex: trees) can be easily cut out. It is also easy to create corridors in which movement does not trigger an alarm. The advantage of the system is that the zones have many different variables. In the morning, the perimeter may not be guarded but in the evening it will be, etc.

A unique tool for designers

Tests in virtual reality environment

A8V contains elements of virtual reality. This makes it possible to navigate through the map with a virtual intruder to simulate the real movement of intruders and thereby verify the accuracy of the system settings - all before installing the entire system. The new version of the system is enhanced by artificial intelligence in detecting objects. Also, we have designed what we call, VIRD technology that can test the entire system using virtual intruders, several times throughout the day. Tests are run in the background, and the system administrator is alerted to any possible failures or faults in the system. This is a combination of real data from detectors and virtual intruders. With this new technology you can prevent false negative situations.

Drag and drop

Inserting individual elements

In this system, individual security components (cameras and detectors) can be inserted very easily by drag and drop. This allows the installer to place the components at the best locations before installation in the real world. It also allows the precise placement of the components to ensure that an entire area is covered. The patented technology ensures that the PTZ cameras are automatically rotated to the alarm location. Interaction between individual elements work on their own in the system, there is no need to create camera presets, etc. The overall system settings are interactive and very simple.

Visualization tools

Unique display of elements in the 3D space

Unique environments offer advanced design and security design tools. Each element can be displayed as a light source on the map. The camera or detector will then illuminate the exact area that will be detected / covered. This creates a very optical visualization that instantly tells the architect where to best place the items for ultimate coverage.

Environmental Resistance

Elimination of false alarms

By setting the detection, alarms will ignore objects smaller or larger than the specified limit. This allows very small animals to be ignored or, for example, not responding to a passing train. The whole system intelligently scans the area to be guarded. These scans can be set for a period of time, with zone scans responding later to the change in vegetation (grass, shrubs, trees), to relieve the customer of unwanted false alarms.

Freedom of movement

3D maps in scale

Since we strongly believe the idea that the real world is three-dimensional, our system must be three-dimensional, also. That's why accur8vision has a 3D map environment that is a precise replica of the real environment. The map can be uploaded using photogrammetry technology. The acquisition of the map is simple and can be handled by the end user themselves. The map is then scaled and will correspond directly to the reality.

State-of-the-art security technology

LiDAR technology

Detection is performed by advanced LiDAR technology with the use of multichannel detectors (16 to 128 beams). Laser rays spread out into the area (radius range of some detectors reaches up to 300m). The times of reflections from fixed obstacles are measured (the laser is moving at the speed of light), and based on these measurements, the obstacle’s distance from the detector is calculated. One detector performs several hundred thousand measurements per second. The accuracy of this detection is 2 to 3cm! Accur8vision now has the ability to meet different needs and desires of clients and projects by supporting a wide array of lidar detectors. There are now over 50 types of lidars with different ranges and beam distributions to provide optimal coverage in all types of projects.

Detection speed:

Detection accuracy:

2 cm

Detection range:

Up to 000m (radius), 000m (diameter)

Number of beams:

Up to 0

Horizontal coverage:


Vertical coverage:

Up to 40°

Horizontal resolution:

Up to 0.0°

Vertical resolution:

Up to 0.0°

IP protection: