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One of the basic features of the accur8vision system is the 3D map. It’s a key feature that adds uniqueness and attractiveness to the system. A three-dimensional view of the area of interest allows the operator to uniquely identify where the intrusion occurred. It can also be used as a tool to help place detection components in the right places before installing them in the real environment which is an exact replica of the map. Interaction between, for example, a detector, a rotating camera, and a moving object in the map is completely automatic and doesn’t require the creation of camera presets.

How It Works

How it works

How do I create a 3D map?

Simple! You can create it yourself. The system is designed not to require assistance of the system manufacturer to create the maps. A8V supports FBX format import. Therefore, you can insert a 3D model from AutoCad or from SketchUp. This is especially useful when the object doesn’t exist yet and you are unable to scan it. For existing objects / areas, we recommend scanning the area. This gives you a realistic picture of the environment, including vegetation and surrounding terrain.

How to scan an area?

The easiest way to get a 3D model from a scan is to use photogrammetry technology. Photogrammetry is a technique that deals with the reconstruction of 3D shapes by measuring dimensions and positioning of objects, from the digital photographs taken. No matter if you use a normal camera or use a drone to take the pictures. The photographs must be partially overlapped and linked to each other in order to carry out the subsequent calculations. The drone can manage its flight mission autonomously, without pilot intervention making it very easy to do.

  • Mark the area for scanning.
  • The mission is then sent to the drone.
  • The drone starts, takes pictures of the area according to the set parameters, and then lands in the same place he took off.

What software to use?

To set up flight missions, to take photos, we recommend, for example, Pix4D. For post-processing, an example would be RealityCapture.

Do I need to worry about custom map creation?

Our certified partners have gone through our mapping training and are qualified professionals. Do not hesitate to contact them. Tacticaware then offers further editing and refinement of map data.

  • Color editing.
  • Scribing of badly scanned places on the map.
  • Inserting animated elements: light moving vegetation (trees, shrubs, grass), smoke from chimneys, moving water, birds, moving traffic, people, etc.

Order surface scans by professional pilots

Join the Aleego database.
ALEEGO closely cooperates with TACTICAWARE in fields of drone aerial mapping, drone scanning of buildings & properties and post processing of collected data to produce accurate 3D models which are required for the A8V system. ALEEGO has a plethora of licensed pilots, experienced in 3D scanning and aerial mapping, and experts in post processing of data. ALEEGO can operate worldwide with modern equipment and with pilots having all the necessary permissions.

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