About us

We have been working in the field of safety since 1996. We have always strived to create a perfect detection system that provides customers with relevant information about the course of the incident. We have come up with a one of a kind system that will be hard to infiltrate. A system that automatically responds to subjects and at the same time will be as user-friendly as possible.

In 2016, we came to the conclusion that the security world should take on multichannel laser detection, visualized in a 3D environment and supported by artificial intelligence. This has led us to a constant improvement in IT computing performance and a reduction in the financial burden of purchasing these IT resources. LiDAR technology in multichannel design is now more available financially. We have joined forces with the largest manufacturer of these LiDARs in the world - the US company Velodyne LiDAR. This company is the leader in the field of research with this technology, primarily thanks to the automotive industry. Finally, we faced the question of how to bring the system as close as possible to the end customer. We have harnessed and developed an environment known for computer games. In 2017 a brand new system called accur8vision was created in a most innovative way. The reaction that we received at our premiere at IFSEC in London had astonished the professional public and we realized that we were heading in the right direction with accur8vision.

At present, 31 personnel work on developing the system. Here are the key people on the accur8vision project:

Our team

JIRI Suchanek
LUKAS Chalupa
Key Account Manager
Software Development (Server side)
ROMAN Jelinek
Software Development (Server side)
MARTIN Opletal
Software Development (Client side)
Hardware Development
Hardware Development
JAN Horacek
Hardware Development