2019 (So Far)

Hi Everyone!

It's been a very busy, yet exciting, time for us here the last few months.  In January we showcased and presented our system at the Velodyne Lidar booth at CES.  Not only did we get to witness the launch of the VelaDome but we were also able to present our system at one of the biggest technological exhibitions in the states.  Check out our team below who represneted accur8vision at CES:                                                                                                                                                                 

Not only were we at CES but we also participated and had a booth at Intersec Dubai.  For 3 days we talked, explained and presented our system to all the people that stopped by our booth.  Again, check out our team below that represented accur8vision in Dubai:                                                                         

While some of us were on 2 different continents representing accur8vision, our other team members were in the office working hard on the new release of version 2 of accur8vision!  We are happy to announce that the newest version of accur8vision will be released next month!  We have added a few modifications and the use of VR goggles.  We are very exctied about our newest modification that we are calling VIRD.  With VIRD and the use of VR goggles you will be able to do so much more with our system.  More details to come next month!!    

28. 02. 2019 News release