A8V - Laser Dance

A few weeks ago, we did an experiment with a total of 18 Velodyne VLP32C detectors seperated on 3 seperate columns to create an isoscelse triangle of 7x7x7m.  With the lidars at 20Hz we were able to achieve 96,000 measurements per second per lidar.  With a total of 18 lidars this would equal 1,728,000 measurements per second.  The horizontal resolution was at 0.4 degrees which created a horizontal coverage for each detector at 60 degrees.  

When we had everything set up, a professional dancer performed a dance in the middle of the triangle, creating an amazing pointcloud of the dance we then played within our system, accur8vision which can distinguish between static points and moving points.

The outcome was amazing and we would like to share our video with you.  You can click on the YouTube link below to check it out for yourself.


We hope you enjoy it!

- Accur8vision Team



08. 11. 2019 Promo event