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Last week, accur8vision was showcased at the nuclear power plant, Dukovany. Accur8vision is a key component in protecting the air space at both nuclear power plants, Dukovany and Temelin. Czech TV covered the presentation last week. Accur8vision is not only able to protect from people but also from drones.

A unique laser detection system generating a net like dome over some of the important areas of the nuclear power plant is intended to protect the space against new 'airborne' threats such as drones. This modern security system was installed by specialists in key areas at both nuclear power plants. 

Mr. Rous, Director of the Security Department at the CEZ Group, mentioned that airborne attacks by drones begin to occur frequently in case of military conflicts. 'We are naturally monitoring this trend. The air space near nuclear power plants has such an importance for us that we considered appropriately making use of the most advanced technology available these days' he said. 

The system from the company Tacticaware is based on detectors used in automotive industry. These revolving devices shoot a large number of beams at various angles. 'They collect information about the surrounding area with an accuracy of two to three centimeters,' said Martin Vojtek from the company about the functionality of the equipment. 

The Dukovany and Temelin nuclear power plants rank among the most strictly guarded facilities in the Czech Republic. Besides other measures, no-fly zones apply in the vicinity of both power plants. 

To see the full news coverage, please check accur8visions Youtube channel at www.youtube.com/accur8vision





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