A8V - Shooting Range

A8V has a new map!  A8V Shooting Range.  This new map can be used to compare the performance of individual lidar detectors.  The new A8V map has a 400m long shooting range that has 2 moving targets.  There is a movable platform on which the test detector can be placed.  Targets are 180cm high and simulate a normal human figure.  We use two targets because of the different resolutions we want to achieve.

With one target we want to reach the maximum distance with at least two layers of rays fired on the target.  We try to set the second, closer target, to the maximum distance so that at least three layers of beams are fired on the target.  

With this new A8V, 3D map, we are now able to test and compare all lidars for the security industry!


18. 04. 2019 News release