Accur8vision Lite

Accur8vision lite is a mobile version of accur8vision. The mobile system makes it possible to view the security system and some of its components. The user can be notified about the status of the system, if there is an alarm, what threat level has been activated, what is armed and disarmed, and also if there is anything wrong with the lidars. 

Tracking of the intruder can also be seen in the mobile version. An intruder inside an active alarm zone will show up as a red exclamation point while people inside an unactive alarm zone will also be tracked but will only show up as a white exclamation point. It is still possible for the user to see where the intruder is. Archive can also be viewed on accur8vision lite. The camera alarm events will be recorded and kept for viewing when necessary. Accur8vision lite's easy and user-friendly approach allows the user an easy handling of their security system. 

Arm and Disarm:  There are 2 buttons on the main screen that allow you to arm and disarm all zones or individual zones. It is also possible to arm zones under the zone icon. 

Information: Being informed is the best feeling in the world when it comes to security. Information provided by accur8vision lite lets the user know everything that is happening with the system. 

At Your Fingertips: With only one touch, zones in accur8vision lite can be armed or disarmed. The map can be zoomed in or out with the touch of the fingers. 

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24. 11. 2020 News release