Accur8vision Passes the Test!

The Temelin Nuclear Power plant that has the roofs of selective buildings being protected by accur8vision was tested recently by the Police of the Czech Republic. Accur8vision was installed in key places last year throughout the nuclear power plant. 

It was said by Bohdan Zronek whom is a member of the CEZ Board of Directors and a Director of the Nuclear Energy Division that “the invisible protection zone in the shape of a dome is created by laser beams of one of the most modern detection systems in the Czech Republic.”

Sensitive information could not be shared but in addition to military radars and other items protecting the no-fly zones, accur8vision additionally strengthens the security of the nuclear power plant from threats such as drones. 

The test was completed by a ‘test’ drone flying into the ‘dome’ of the laser beams to see if it could be detected. Once the ‘no-fly’ restrictions were removed from the drone, they were able to fly it into the protected area.  It was noted that accur8vision was able to detect the drone flying into the protected area and sends a signal to the control center that there was a breach. 

The software for accur8vision is provided by a company based out of the Czech Republic.  With the use of their software and lidars from key lidar manufacturers, they now have a system that is able to protect an entire area.

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14. 08. 2020 News release