Railway Tunnel Protected by Accur8vision

Březno railway tunnel will have a cutting edge


Tunnels and bridges belong to the key elements of railway and road infrastructures – making traffic routes surmount obstacles. However, in case of a problem or failure, they may quickly become a dangerous bottleneck. That is why their construction and subsequent operation are subject to strictest regulations and their security is based on the latest technologies. ČD - Telematika participates significantly in protection of such infrastructure items, the evidence of which is the recent launch of security upgrade at the Březno tunnel on the railway line Lužná u Rakovníka – Chomutov. The tunnel was put into operation in 2007 within line 124 rerouted as a result of brown coal mining advancements.

The Březno tunnel, with its 1,758 metres the second longest railway tunnel in the Czech Republic, is receiving a brand new protection for its portals. ČD-T participates as a subcontractor of AŽD Praha, who won the contract from Správa železnic (Czech railway administration authority). A key project part is our delivery and installation of the new Accur8vision security system from TACTICAWARE providing detection based on multichannel LiDAR detectors. Installation will be done by our engineers, as we are certified for implementation of LiDAR systems.

The LiDAR technology works on a principle similar to radar – but, instead of radio waves, utilizes a light beam emitted by a laser diode. To protect the Březno tunnel, LiDAR sensors from the American company Velodyne will be used, whose technologies are exploited, besides other areas, in autonomous car driving systems. The accuracy of lidar detection is between 2 and 3 cm, and the installed system is unique by its accurate localization of all moving objects within the protected zone. It offers a full spatial detection, not only perimeter one, which is common in other solutions.

The application features a scaled 3D map environment and the overall system is designed in a way that the end users can themselves create their 3D map. A 3D map is entered into the system by photogrammetric scanning of the particular area. Within map data, the user defines the scanning area, which is then input into a drone as its flight mission. This flight mission is automatically executed and a large amount of digital photographs taken. Based on them a 3D model is generated as a complete 3D map. It can be depicted in full colour, in greyscale, transparently, or as fully suppressed.

Thanks to its unique technology, the A8V system can pilot PTZ cameras directly to the point of alarm origin and follow the intruder. Intelligently and fully automatically, the system manages the numbers of cameras monitoring various targets, switching between them dynamically, thus viewing the targets from different angles – fully autonomously without operator’s intervention. Moreover, the Accur8vision user application is extremely user-friendly and the software solution is similar to well-known simulators and computer games using virtual reality features.

A8V also works with the size of moving objects, their speed and movement trajectory. This is one of its basic properties. Thanks to that, alarms can be initiated or suppressed. The system can be adjusted for initiating an alarm only when the object exceeds x cm and is smaller than y cm. This can eliminate alarms caused by small animals or, on the contrary, large objects such as trains. The detection zone also covers the detectors themselves in order to protect them, a freely definable area outside the tunnel, and a section of 30 metres inside the tunnel. The system securely monitors persons within the detection zone while ignoring a passing train, and it can follow movements in tunnel’s environs including the space above it. When alarm is initiated, downstream devices can be switched such as sirens, light signals, audio messages and others. The operator is informed about an alarm, and a camera recording is automatically taken.

The Březno tunnel includes an emergencystaircase terminated with a small building on top, which is also protected against unauthorised entry by the system. All physical equipment will be located outside the tunnel, thus providing an easy access for staff and maintenance devices. External data distribution boards and posts 5 metres high with LiDAR sensors will be installed near tunnel portals for the sake of full spatial detection of protected zones. The posts will be equipped with PTZ cameras intended to follow the object when the protected zone is breached, as well as fixed cameras for continuous monitoring of entries into tunnel portals. The system will also contain a radar as an auxiliary detection tool in adverse weather conditions. The train dispatcher at the Chomutov station and the fire rescue service in Chomutov will be able to use PTZ cameras controlled by the operator independently on the overall system. Also the existing data cabling will be upgraded, with a data technological network enabling a transmission rate of up to 1 Gbit/s. The new electronic security system will also include a source of uninterrupted power supply at 60kVa.



17. 12. 2020 News release