Security Essen 2018

Accur8vision was presented for the first time at Security Essen. Security Essen is the world's number one leading fair for security in the last 40 years, making it the most important trade fair for security.  

With our software and Velodyne LiDARs, we have created a new innovative approach to the security world.  We are now able to protect an entire area instead of just the perimeter.  We have taken security to a whole new level.  With our system you are able to see the trajectory, speed and movement of the intruder.  The LiDAR and the cameras work together within the system.  The LiDAR will direct the camera to the place of alarm.    

Like at IAA Hannover, we started with a scan for a 3D model of our stand and surroundings.  We added the LiDAR and camera and was able to show how our system works in real time.  We had an alarm zone set up around the back entrance to the fair.  We were able to show what happens when an intruder enters the alarm zone.  

Not only did we present our system but we also had a VLS-128 Velodyne LiDAR puck.  It is the newest puck from Velodyne.  It has 128 channels (lasers) that rotate at 360 degrees.  The range of this LiDAR is 300 meters with a diameter of 600 meters.

We would like to thank everyone for their interest in accur8vision and stopping by to see it at our stand!


07. 11. 2018 Exhibitions