Case studies

Thanks to the unique features of the accur8vision system, we are now able to track intruders throughout the whole area which was previously unimaginable. But. Not anymore.

Volume detection for sites

The accur8vision system is suitable for securing both large and small areas. The advantage of the system is the adaptation of the rugged terrain around the building and also the resistance against unwanted false alarms from moving vegetation.

  • Accurately define alarm zones
  • Ensure a surface with uneven terrain
  • Delayed time period to enter the secure zone and allow the user to cut off the system at the required time
  • Zoning allows the user to move without triggering an alarm (eg pool area), while other zones are still activated

Using the accur8vision system, the surroundings of the building are monitored in a very logic way. Zones may change - for example, depending on the time of day. The system doesn’t require permanent operation. The user will deactivate the system upon entering the building through a delayed time period. The biggest advantage of volume detection is the ability to set non-alarm zones. This allows the user to move freely around (ex: in the pool or garden) while the surrounding areas are still guarded. It doesn’t require deactivating the entire system. Therefore, the user is still safe from any intruder from the outside.

Tunnel Security

The accur8vision system knows the size of the moving objects, their speed and the trajectory of motion. It is a basic feature of the system. This makes it possible to trigger or suppress alarms. The system can be set to activate the alarm only if the object is larger or smaller than the set dimensions. This will eliminate the movement of small animals, or the movement of large objects (trucks, trains, etc.)

  • Ensure entry and exit to tunnels
  • Allowing trains or trucks to pass through without activating the alarm in the secure zone
  • Installing the detectors outside the tunnel for easier maintenance

The tunnel is secured on each side by two accur8vision detectors and rotating cameras to confirm the alarm. The perimeter of the detection zone covers the detectors, the area in front of the tunnel and 30 meters inside the tunnel. The system safely detects people inside the detection zone while ignoring the passing trains. The surroundings of the passing train are constantly under control and will not permit people to enter the tunnel.

Harbor Security

The accur8vision system is suitable wherever different areas (on demand) need to be secured at different times. Detectors can be installed securely, but the operator of the central security console, at the discretion of the port operator, secures the area by simply clicking the mouse on the 3D map.

  • Security of the entire unloading and loading area where fence and infra-barriers can’t be installed in this space
  • Separation of individual unloading areas depending on the anchoring ships
  • Ensuring and preventing illegal movement of persons on exit boats from anchoring ships between the port and the ship
  • Interactive security of individual containers

The system will allow you to secure the entire unloading and loading area, allow loading and unloading, but also prevent access to this area. At the operator's request, the operator can secure access points from ships in a very efficient way without the need of physical security. Upon request or demand individual containers can be secured. When people are moving, a camera record is automatically taken.

Portable System

The accur8vision system can also be used as a portable perimetric system. Projections of laser point detectors display the surroundings. It isn’t always necessary to make a 3D map.

  • Volume security and sealing of the perimeter
  • Protection of detectors against foul play
  • Monitoring the movement of people
  • Automatic rotation camera navigation

The newly created accur8vision version called Sentinel contains one volume detector and a specially modified GUI. The system divides the area into blocks. The IO module closes when the block is penetrated, or the PTZ camera rotates to the point of disturbance. It is very easy to integrate this system into all security systems.

Accur8vision’s portable systems will be used primarily for armed forces that use our system in the field and don’t know the map of the area they’re going to monitor in advance.