Thanks to the unique features of the accur8vision system, we are now able to track intruders throughout the whole area which we were unable to do 2 years ago in conventional security systems.



Accur8vision is shedding a new light on the security and safety world for its ability to now track an intruder or object the entire time. This is bringing a more sustainable and secure world to all aspects of life.


Airport security is an important sector through out the world. People frequently travel for either leisure or business, but they all have the same feeling, and that feeling is that they want to be safe. But this is not the only aspect of airport safety that should be taken into regards. What about the safety of cargo? If a plane is parked with cargo aboard that will not be unloaded until later, is that cargo safe? What is to stop someone from climbing a fence and stealing that cargo? There is also the concern for cargo containers. Can cargo containers stay on the tarmac of the airport without being touched? And last but not least what about the perimeter of the airport field? Many people like to watch the planes land and take off. Should these people be allowed to do this along all areas of the fence? If an individual, makes it over the fence, where do they go? Do they go towards the containers? Do they go toward the planes that are parked with the cargo? Do they go inside the hangars and steal whatever is avialable? These questions can all be answered within the next few pages.



1 | Airport Perimeter

Airport perimeter security plays a major role in keeping everything inside the airport safe from planes, hangers, airports, all the way to the runways and tarmacs.

Accur8vision can be used as an extra tool to help enforce security around the perimeter. It is more than likely that all airports will have a fence surrounding the land and runway of the airports. What if it was possible to add to that fence with a type of ‘invisible’ fence.

Accur8vision security zones can be of any shape or height. This means that a security zone can be placed around the fence of the airport at a higher height and a bit wider than the original fence.

This way the fence can be protected without people even knowing. This can help protect the fence from individuals that like to watch planes land and take off. This can also help alert the guards that there is an individual in the area before they can even reach the actual fence.



2 | Loading and unloading of planes

Cargo planes are usually full of very valuable items from either companies or individuals. How to make sure that the items on these planes never get stolen? Accur8vision is a great security system to use in these types of situations. Let’s say that there are a group of workers that are unloading the plane. Around these workers it is possible to place a type of ‘invisible’ fence or security zone as it’s called in accur8vision. This zone or fence can make it possible that only the workers are inside that area and no one else will be able to enter that area with out setting off an alarm.

What happens when the workers leave and/or take a break? It is possible to take that ‘invisible’ security fence and turn it into full volumetric detection. This means that if anyone enters the security zone that is now surrounding the entire plane, the alarm will be activated. This allows the plane to be able to stay in one spot for a long period of time without being messed with.



3 | Cargo

The second scenario was based on keeping the entire plane secure from theft and watching employees. In this scenario we would like to discuss cargo that is left on the tarmac after being unloaded from the train. Possibly, it needs to stay there for a few days until a different mode of transportation picks it up. It is possible to have a guard sit and watch the cargo but is it really going to deter anyone from trying to steal from this cargo? Probably not. What if there isn’t a guard available?

Accur8vision has something that is called ‘on demand’ guarding. By placing a security zone around this cargo, accur8vision can alert if anyone comes near the cargo. This way the operator can alert a guard and have them go to the area where the cargo is being held. The same concept can apply to items that are being held inside hangars or warehouses on airport grounds. Protecting the entire warehouse or hangar from the outside or the individual items on the inside. Accur8vision is a very versatile system that can be used.





4 | Social Distancing and Line Management

Above it showed all the great ways that accur8vision can effectively secure the outside area and perimeter of an airport. But what about the inside? Can accur8vision help in line management and social distancing which seems to be the new norm? Accur8vision is volumetric so anything in a given area can be counted based on settings. If there is a line area that is only allowed 10 people, accur8vision and the lidars can show the number of people in the line. Once this number has reached the max, accur8vision will set off an alarm so that the operator can know that the limit is at it’s max. It can then either activate a gate or allow a TV screen to show that this line is at it’s max and individuals will need to find a different line. What about social distancing? Placing cylinders around the individuals inside accur8vision with a setting of the distancing range, for example 2 meters, allows the guards or operators to see when individuals are practicing safe distancing. When two of these cylinders come into contact with each other, a close proximity alarm can be activated, and this information can be communicated back to the guards on duty at the airport terminal.



5 | Left Behind Objects

During this age of time people can be a bit nervous when they possibly see a bag or backpack or suitcase or something along these lines left by itself in the terminal or somewhere in an area that it shouldn’t be. Many major city airports also have public transportation that goes straight to the airport. This is another area where something can be left behind. Was the item left there on accident or on purpose? What if it was possible to know that there was an item that was left behind. Accur8vision comes equipped with this ability by using security zones and the BLK247 lidar. Security zones can be placed throughout the entire area of the airport terminal or subway station. The operator can place these zones where they believe to be the most important. If an object is left behind in one of these zones for a period of time (which can be set by the operator), an alarm will be activated and the operator can send security personnel to see about the left behind object. This is capable due to the BLK247 which is a lidar that is also equipped with thermal cameras and 12-megapixal cameras. Another plus about the system is that the trajectory is also seen inside accur8vision. This will help authorities be able to track whom left the object behind in the first place. This can help abate the feeling of uncertainty amongst passengers and people alike and possibly save anyone from being hurt.



6 | Group Formation

There are some areas in an airport where the operators or guards will want to pay attention to individuals that might be forming into a group. There is a way inside accur8vision that if certain individuals meet for a certain amount of time, an alarm can be activated to make the operator or guard aware of what is happening. Maybe it is not a big deal or maybe it could be. But with accur8vision it allows the situation or upcoming situation to be known and handled. Another reason for group formation could contribute to safety. If there is a big group of individuals forming either in the hallways or in front of emergency exits or anywhere that could be a problem, accur8vision can let the operator be aware of these situations and the group can be dispersed before it becomes a problem.



7 | Military Aircraft, Mobile Unit

Not only can accur8vision be used in regular airports and airplane situations but also for military purposes. Accur8vision can come in a mobile unit that supports 4 lidars, a laptop and a server along with tripods for the lidars. This is a fantastic way for military cargo planes to be secure in all areas of the world. After placing the 4 lidars on the tripods, the tripods can be placed on each ‘corner’ of the plane. Two at the back of the plane and two at the front of the plane on each side making a sort of rectangular shape. Once this is completed a security zone or zones can be placed around the military cargo plane that will trigger alarms if anyone steps inside of the zone(s). This is a quick and efficient way to not only keep the cargo inside safe but any military personnel that are also on the plane can rest assure that their cargo and their lives will be fine until take off.


In the seven scenarios above regarding airports and military planes it is well noted that accur8vision is a very versatile system that can be used in many different ways in regard to security and safety at airports. From securing cargo to securing planes to securing the actual airports, accur8vision is a way to keep all items safe and secure and to also give a sense of safety to passengers and/or customers.




Manufacturing Intelligence


Accur8vision is shedding a new light on the security and safety world for its ability to now track an intruder or object the entire time. This is bringing a more sustainable and secure world to all aspects of life.


Accur8vision’s sole purpose was to be used in the security sector but why keep something as robust to only one sector when it can be used in many.

Safety standards inside factories and warehouses are a key factor in everyday work life. Employees need to work in a safe environment so that production and such can continue. When dangerous machinery is on wouldn’t it be better to be able to stop the machinery if a worker gets to close? Or. What happens when a conveyer belt breaks and causes errors or someone is not paying attention and their shirt gets stuck? These are all human errors that could lead to a tragic ending. Being prepared and having a great system in line to keep workers safe is the best way to continue with the workday.

Using accur8vision to ensure employees safety is just as important as it is inthe security sector.


1 | Machine Safety

Safety is a big concern for all aspects of life especially in companies where it can affect the daily workflow. Working with heavy machinery can pose a problematic situation if the machinery is not handled correctly. What if there was a way to successfully handle the heavy machinery that can eliminate any safety hazards that can be brought on by the worker or the machine. Accur8vision consists of security zones. These zones can be actively placed around the heavy machinery. The worker can power on the machine, but the machine will not start until the worker is safely out of the zone. During the operation of the machinery the zone can be activated. If this zone is breached in anyway and alarm can be activated, and the machinery can automatically switch off. All machinery in the factory can have its own zone. There is no limit to how many zones accur8vision can handle. This way the worker wil always remain at a safe distance from the machine and injuries will be at an all time low. This is only one example. There are many different things that accur8vision can do. For example, even safety in regard to line work with conveyer belts could be a way that accur8vision can be used.


2 | Heat Maps and Passage Direction

Logistics are another operational way that accur8vision can be of use. Due to the trajectory measures inside accur8vision it is possible to recognize in which direction the operator or goods are moving and respond to it. This information is stored in an SQL database, which can be accessible to other systems. Along with the trajectories, accur8vision is also equipped with a heat map. This provides data based on the moving lidar points. The heat map is a better way to tell where the equipment and workers are moving at a specified moment in time. This can help companies in seeing which way things are completed and which way things could possibly be imporved saving everyone time and money and yet at the same time keeping safety and production regulations.


3 | Heat Maps and Passage Direction

In factories, it is very important to have all corridors empty and free of clutter. This can potentially be a safety hazard in case of fires or catastrophes on the factory floor. Setting up zones inside accur8vision in the hallways and corridors can reduce the risk of clutter and items being left in inconvenient places. A snapshot is first taken which will remember a type of picture of the area. Anything that is added to that area after the snapshot, if the zone is armed, an alarm will be activated if it’s been there for a certain amount of time. This will let the operator know that this area is blocked and needs to be cleared. This is another preventive measure that accur8vision can be used for.



4 | Unauthorized Personnel vs. Authorized Personnel

Some areas of a factory are limited to personnel that are authorized to be there. Accur8vision can help in monitoring these areas. Accur8vision has many different types of zones that do different types of things. The delay zone would be a very great tool to use in his situation. Delayed zones allow a delay in alarm activation until a certain set time. If a person enters this zone and uses a pin or their key card before the allotted time, an alarm will not be activated. This means that this person is authorized to be inside this area. If a person enters this zone and doesn’t provide the pin or have a key card in the allotted time, an alarm will be activated. This means that this person is not authorized to be inside this area. Delayed zones can also be used in different types of scenarios.


Another example could be that there is an ‘authorization’ zone when first entering an area. When the worker places the card on the reader and they become an authorized person, the bounding box surrounding them then becomes green and they are free to walk around. This is another way to differentiate between authorized and unauthorized personnel. A non-authorized person will not be aware that they have a red bounding box surrounding them and are setting off alarms. This allows guards to secretly pursue the unauthorized person without their knowledge which in return could save lives of the guards or personnel if this unauthorized person becomes hostile.


When it comes to protecting employees and their surroundings in the working environment, accur8vision proves itself as being just as useful in the safety sector as it does in the security sector. With the help of zones and lidar, accur8vision was able to protect employees and warn of any potential dangers before an accident could occur.






Accur8vision is shedding a new light on the security and safety world for its ability to now track an intruder or object the entire time. This is bringing a more sustainable and secure world to all aspects of life.


Railway safety and security has become a major concern across the world. From railway tunnels and crosses to keeping the actual workers safe, railways have become a major discussion in the security and safety sectors.

With the help of lidar technology paired with the accur8vision software, the safety and security of the railways can now be monitored. Lidars are mostly known for the autonomous industry but are becoming known in other industries like security, smart cities, robotics and much more.

Combining lidars with accur8vision allows the tracking and monitoring of objects and is a safe way to secure not only humans but companies as well.

In the case of railways, safety and security are a cause for concern. How are the tunnels protected from people, but the trains are still allowed to go through? How can graffiti artists be stopped from using the trains parked on the tracks as canvases? How can railway crossings be clear of objects like cars and people when a train is coming? How can workers be safe when working around tracks that are still in operation?

These are all questions that accur8vision can answer. Accur8vision is an answer for the future needs of the safety and security world.


1 | Tunels

By placing lidar outside the tunnel, accur8vision was able to scan the entire area outside the tunnel. The area outside the tunnel could be covered up to 300m if necessary. Once the lidars were in place, an accur8vision safety zone was placed outside the tunnel. The zones can be used for different reasons and have different priorities. Inside this zone, the priorities for setting off an alarm were set to be activated if an object of the average width and height of a human entered the zone. This allowed the bigger object (ex: train) to pass through the zone without setting off an alarm.

The safety zone outside the tunnel was also set up to notify the railroad command center of all alarms. It was also set up to alert the police of possible ‘trespassing’ inside the train tunnel. This was a sure way to eliminate anyone from getting hurt inside the tunnel while allowing the train to pass through. It could be regarded as a virtual fence.


2 | Graffiti Artist

By placing a virtual security area around the parked wagons, vandalism of the wagons will be at a minimum. The lidars along with accur8vision can be placed around the area of the parked wagons. Accur8vision can be mounted as a permanent installation or as a moveable system.

With the moveable system it will be possible to set up the system around the parked wagons in case the wagons are not parked on the same track every time. This is how the virtual security area can be set. By placing lidar on each corner of the parked wagons and setting up security zones around the parked wagons, it will make it extremely difficult to vandalize the wagons. It is also possible to set up an excluded zone for security guards to patrol without setting of the alarm.

It is not only possible to protect the wagons from graffiti but also the railway station or garage where they work on the trains. By protecting these buildings with accur8vision graffiti artists would activate and alarm. This way the guards can head to that area and catch the artists. It is also possible to set up pre-alarm zones around the security zones. When the graffiti artists step into a pre-alarm zone, a loudspeaker or alarm can be activated through I/O modules. This could in return scare the graffiti artists before they even get to the security zone which is around the wagons or building. This can be a preliminary step that could deter the artists in the first place.


3 | Crossings

Having objects on the railroad tracks is a hazard to the train and the people or object on the track. Most railroad crossings have a bar that will come down when the train is coming. Most everyone follows these rules but if someone doesn’t and crosses the tracks, what could happen? By placing accur8vision along the crossings, objects will go detected on the tracks. With the lidar’s laser beams rotating 360 degrees, the object cannot be overlooked. This could secure the safety of railroad crossings everywhere. A safety zone is placed on the railroad tracks at the crossing. When a train is at a certain checkpoint close to the crossing, the zone will be activated. This will inform the train or the command center that the track is either clear or obstructed. Depending on the distance to the crossing, this could give the train time to try to stop if accur8vision discovers an object on the track. To help disengage the difference in the objects, different alarm sounds were set up. For example, a smaller object like a dog would have one alarm sound. A medium sized object like a human would have another alarm sound while a bigger object like a car would have a separate alarm sound. This will also help the train conductor in knowing what is on the tracks..


4 | Working near Tracks

For this case study, workers were working on one side of the railroad track while the other side was still in operation. To help protect the workers, lidars were placed between the area of the track that was being worked on and the operational track. Inside accur8vision, safety zones were placed near the still operational track. These zones could have many different priorities. In this scenario the workers were to be notified that they were dangerously close to the operational track. Setting this up in the zone allowed accur8vision to alert the workers when they entered the zone. This allowed the workers to stay safe while working on the other track..


Accur8vision is not only used or needed for security purposes. It can also be used to create a safe environment for all things to do with railroad crossings, tracks and tunnels. If safety is needed for employees, conductors, people on the trains, people in general around the tracks, accur8vision can provide safety to all these categories. The use of lidar and the safety zones makes accur8vision a more than adequate means for railway safety.






Accur8vision is shedding a new light on the security and safety world for its ability to now track an intruder or object the entire time. This is bringing a more sustainable and secure world to all aspects of life.


Banks are an essential part of the economy and people’s life savings. Money is one of the most important tangible items in the world. Vaults and the main front cash area where the tellers are, are two main areas that would want to be secured in banks. The vaults are where the money is stored or where the private safe deposit boxes are where people store their most valuable possessions. To alleviate the security system already in place, volumetric detection could primarily help the police reach the bank before the vault is broken into.

From the movies, most robbers know exactly what to do with the current security systems in place at banks. Many know how to avoid the cameras or infrared barriers but what if it was impossible to see the security system? Will the robbers know where the security zones are placed? No, which gives the advantage to the banks.

3D zones can be placed in the most secure area of the banks. It can be placed outside or inside the vaults. It can be placed individually in front of safe deposit boxes. It can be placed in front of doors or can be used as a type of ‘shield’ around the teller window. There are many possibilities when setting up the zone designs. The design phase of accur8vision is in your hands.


1 | Vaults

There are many different ways in protecting a vault using accur8vision and lidar. Placing the lidar outside the vault can cover a certain range depending on the type of lidar used. Lidars inside accur8vision can cover an area of 30m to 245m. Once the lidar is placed, security zones can be added around the door to the vault. These zones can have different settings to them. For example, if an authorized person enters this zone, the alarm will not be activated. If an unauthorized person enters this zone, the alarm will be activated. There are many different settings to the zones. A delayed zone where an employee can enter a pin or swipe a card in a certain amount of time will also not activate an alarm. If a person enters that zone and does not swipe a card or enter a pin in a certain amount of time an alarm will be activate. These are only a few examples of the zones that could be set up around or outside the vault.


Lidar can also be placed inside the vault to add an extra layer of security. This is another area of the vault that can be protected by zones. Many different scenarios can happen here with the use of zones like previously mentioned as the security for the outside of vaults. Delayed zones can also come into action inside of vaults. If there is an employee working inside the vault, the pin or access card can be used. This will allow the employee to walk freely inside the vault. Excluded zones are another type of zone that can be used inside the vault. If there is one area where an employee needs to go, this area can be deactivated which means they can freely walk around in this area but nowhere else. This zone can also be activated when a customer needs access to their safe deposit box. A certain path or area can be cleared only to their specific safe deposit box. If they move from this specific path or area, an alarm will be activated.

Accur8vision can not only activate and deactivate zones. The trajectory of the person can also be seen in accur8vision. The actual position of the person will be known from start to finish. This allows the guard to track and trace an individual throughout the entire bank.


2 | Teller Area

Another area of concern for banks could be the teller area where individuals go for cash. This can also be a target area for bank robbers and where they usually go first. What if the banks were able to care for their tellers as they would the money? Accur8vision, in some sense, can be a virtual safeguard that can set off alarms if anyone is too close or passes the barrier to where the teller is sitting. Because of this, a very slim zone can be placed along the glass front or bars of the area where the teller is at. If an individual comes to close to this section an alarm can be activated, and the operator or guard can pay more attention to this area. If it is a bank robbery, the bank robber would have no idea that they had triggered an alarm. This allows the operator or guard to silently activate an alarm and notify the police


3 | BLK247

Which lidar is recommended for banks? The BLK247 is a bit different from the standard lidars that are used in accur8vision. Most lidars inside accur8vision have a beam distribution that never changes and rotates 360° from the same spot. The BLK247 also rotates 360° but each rotation is slightly shifted so that it starts at a slightly different spot for each rotation. This provides a high-resolution scan of an entire area within seconds. This is a major plus for on demand scanning and because of this it is not always necessary to prepare a 3D map. Not only does it rotate 360° horizontally but it also rotates 240° vertically. This gives an optimal view of everything below the lidar also. There are no blind spots when it comes to the BLK247. Along with the lidar, the BLK247 comes also equipped with two 12-megapixel cameras and four thermal cameras..







1 | Volumetric and Perimeter Protection



Accur8vision uses security zones to protect not only volumetrically but also along the perimeter.


With the use of lidar technology it is now possible to secure an entire area instead of just the perimeter. But what if the perimeter is the only thing that needs protecting? Both ways are possible inside accur8vision with the creation of zones. Zones are where the alarm happens. If an intruder enters a zone, an alarm will be activated. Zones come in all shapes and sizes. It is possible to set the width, length, and height of the zones as they are 3D objects inside the map. It is also possible to have either one zone or one thousand zones. The number of zones inside one 3D map is limitless. Zones can also have different priorities. By using an I/O module it is possible to have the zones shut gates, turn on or off lights, lock doors, etc. Zones also allow a person’s yard to be disarmed during the day and armed at night. Individual zones can have their own settings and priorities and can be armed or disarmed individually or all together. If a person is having a party or gathering in their yard and they want to move freely around, it is possible to have the zones in the yard disarmed but have the zones around the perimeter armed. The many possibilities of the zones allows the system to create the perfect solution for every person’s needs. Accur8vision allows security that no other conventional system offers. Having the ability to decide which area of the house and yard is armed is something that only accur8vision can offer. Like it was said in the beginning, the use of lidar technology allows the possibility of having coverage in the entire yard, the entire house, and if necessary, also the boundary.




2 | Alarm Event



Accur8vision can track an intruder, show the trajectory, pilot the cameras to the intrusion point and save it all in archive in an alarm event.


When an intruder enters an active zone, an alarm is activated. The user is then able to see the speed, movement, and trajectory of the intruder. The trajectory is a helpful way in seeing where the intruder came from. Once the intruder or intruders enter an active zone, all cameras in the area of the zone will rotate to the point of intrusion. Cameras and lidars work together inside accur8vision where the lidar navigates the camera on where to look. The camera, for example, will prepare itself to see the intruder before the intruder is even in view. This gives the user coverage not only with the lidar but with the camera also. When the alarm has been confirmed or disarmed the video recording and a8v recording of the lidar points will go into archive. The user will have 2 separate videos of the event. The recording from the camera and the recording from a8v. This event can be searched for in accur8vision logs by using the dates or on the calendar. These are great tools to have during an alarm event that will help the user have more information on the intruder and the alarm event itself.



3 | Swimming Pool Security



Accur8vision can contribute to the safety and security of swimming pools and the surrounding area.


Placing a zone on top of and around a pool will allow an alarm to be activated if a child enters the zone. This will alert the parents that the child is near the pool and needs to be removed from the situation. Even if the pool is ‘secured’ by a fence, does not mean that the child would not be able to gain access to the pool. It is also possible to place zones around the fence. This way an alarm will be activated even if the child is close to the fence. Keeping children safe has never been easier. To still feel safe and secure while taking that midnight swim or even swimming during the day is something that accur8vision can help people achieve. Settings per zone can be done in such a way that a small path from the house to the pool can be opened. The zone above the pool and right next to it can be opened. Having these zones disarmed allows the people to enter the pool from the house for a swim but does not affect the security of the rest of the property. With accur8vision only the zones that are disarmed will not set off an alarm, but all other areas will still be protected. When it comes to privacy people want to make sure that they have it. While hanging out in the backyard, swimming or sunbathing, people do not want to worry about the threat of drones. The zones inside accur8vision can have any length, width, or height. With the use of lidar and accur8vision it is possible to place the lidar at an angle which will then cause a type of net of lasers making it possible to detect a drone. Although accur8vision does not come with any type of ‘jammer’ for the drone it is possible to purchase said equipment to further help in the protection against drones.




4 | Building Shell



Accur8vision has the ability to protect your home but let workers and people into your yard.


When away from home but needing necessary yard work done there is a way to protect your home from any unlawful entry. Security zones inside accur8vision can be done in any size or shape. It is possible to add the thinnest zone around the outside of your home. This allows the gardeners to move around the property freely but does not let them enter the establishment. The homeowners can come home to a beautiful yard and not have to worry that any one had been inside their home. Another way to use the thin zone barrier is at night. In conventional security systems, sometimes it is necessary to have all the windows in the home closed so that the magnetic strips are touching, and an alarm is not activated. This might limit the homeowner from opening their windows at night. With accur8vision the security zones can be of any height. Homeowners can place the zone barrier around their homes and if anyone enters this zone or even if a hand is placed in the zone, an alarm will be activated. It is a perfect way to enjoy the fresh air and not have to worry about anyone entering the house while sleeping. With the use of the thin zone barrier, homes during the day and at night will always be secure.





5 | Snapshots



Accur8vision snapshots are a way to help eliminate false alarms.


There are two types of snapshots inside accur8vision. The point of the snapshots is to help eliminate false alarms and to also help filter the lidar points so that the ones that are necessary are the ones being used. The long-term snapshot is the first snapshot that is taken and only needs to be done once. After setting up the system it is necessary to take the long-term snapshot. A snapshot takes a type of ‘picture’ of the scene to help differentiate between moving and static points. This way if something moving enters a scene that was not there before, matches the scale set, and enters a zone, a bounding box will be placed around these moving points. The snapshot is also important to help out with the movement of the grass and trees in relation to eliminating false alarms. The short-term snapshot is taken every time a zone is activated. This snapshot helps update the area of the zone in case of any new items that have not been taken into consideration yet. This helps eliminate false alarms even more. The idea behind the snapshot is to help stop false alarms and to also focus on the lidar points that need to be focused on.





6 | Zone Types



Accur8vision uses different types of zones to fit the needs of the client.


An alarm event happens when an intruder or person walks into one of the security zones that can be placed throughout the property. It does not matter how many zones are placed on the property. To help further secure an area, accur8vision now comes with different types of zones. The Detection Zone is the main and most used zone in accur8vision. This zone represents regular detection of an intruder or person inside that area. The Delayed Zone is a zone that allows people to enter a pin code or swipe a card in an allotted amount of time. The time set for the zone is completed by the user. The Loitering Zone sets off an alarm if the individual is in the zone in one place for a period of time. This for example can be used against peeping toms. The Checkpoint Zone allows the user to make sure that a certain area, for example a gate, always has lidar points on it. This can be done to prevent, for example, if someone blocks the lidar and the gate loses the coverage of the lidar. The Pre-Alarm Zone is a zone that can be placed around any other type of zone. This allows the system to track the individual in the zone with a camera but does not set off an alarm. The Distraction Zone is a drone that helps with illuminating false alarms due to smoke coming from a chimney or steam coming from a smoke stack.





7 | Aging the Scene



Accur8vision can allow an object to become part of the scene after an amount of time passes.


Having items enter the scene that need to become a part of the scene can be a bit tricky. For example, if a new car enters the driveway security zone and was not part of the scene than an alarm can be activated. That means that the camera will focus on this car until the alarm has been confirmed or deactivated. This can be quite a nuisance if it is not handled properly. Accur8vision can now ‘age the scene’. If a new item enters a zone and does not move for 30 seconds, per say, then the object becomes part of the scene and will not activate an alarm. This will help in having to complete a new long-term snapshot of the area every time something new enters. It is quite convenient. This does not take away from intruder detection of the system. If an intruder enters the zone, there will be an alarm and the trajectory will be seen. Even if the intruder stops for 30 seconds, they will eventually have to move again, and the alarm will activate if it hasn’t already been activated. The silhouette of the individual will also be seen as the intruder. The aging of the scene only allows items to become part of the scene without having them continuously set off the alarm.





8 | Integration and Actions



Accur8vision can be easily integrated to other systems and perform many different actions.


If a property already has a security system in place or an access control system, it does not matter. Accur8vision can be integrated with any system through its API or I/O modules. The API is very easy to handle and is very secure. It is the standard solution using REST and JSON files. The alarm situation can be monitored in accur8vision. It is also possible to set up different actions for the system to do. Regarding zones, it is possible to set up the zones to do different things during an alarm event. When an intruder enters a zone, for example, the system can activate sirens or control lights. Some other actions that accur8vision can control could include closing or opening of gates, retarders, SMS gates and also a slave or master security system. It is up to the client to decide what they would like accur8vision to do. Threat levels are another system benefit that allows the system to perform different tasks for different threat levels. If there are more than 3 intruders in the yard, the system can be set up to handle a certain task like locking the security doors. There are many different ways to set up accur8vision for the top security and safety measures.





9 | Video Streaming



Accur8vision can be checked from anywhere in the house.


Video streaming is a great way for users to have multiple capabilities of checking their alarm system through out their home. With this service it is possible to see accur8vision on many different devices from a phone to a laptop to a tablet. These items can be placed around the house for easy access to the accur8vision system. Because of video streaming it is possible to see everything in three dimensions, exactly as it is in the accur8vision system. Everything that is done in the system can be handled via video streaming on any operating system, for example apple or android. The user is able to use all the tools and perks that the accur8vision system has on their mobile device. It is now easier for the user to have accessibility to their accur8vision system.





10 | Thin Client



Accur8vision is now a mobile web client that you can access on any mobile device while away from home.


Being able to remotely monitor your home while away on business or on a holiday, is a great way in staying connected and aware. With accur8vision lite it is now possible to enjoy the sense of freedom and security while on the go. The ability to remotely access the security system allows the user to have the information about their security system at the tip of their fingers. With a multi-platform system that can be used on tablets, laptops, computers, or mobile phones gives the user many ways to access their system. Accur8vision lite is mainly a condensed version of accur8vision. The main difference, yet small, is that the lite client is based on a 2D map design instead of the 3D map design from accur8vision. The user can be notified about the status of the system. For example, if there is an alarm, what threat level has been activated, arming and disarming zones, and if there is anything wrong with the lidar. Tracking of the intruder can also be seen, not as a 3D image, but as a red exclamation point when in an alarmed zone and as a white exclamation point in a disarmed zone. It is still possible to see where the intruder is. Archive for video and lidar data for alarm events can be viewed along with logs that show login and logout of users, arming or disarming of the system and information on alarm events. Realtime streaming from PTZ cameras will be available along with the camera alarm events being recorded and kept for viewing when necessary. It is now possible with accur8vision to have security from everywhere in the world.






Accur8vision is shedding a new light on the security and safety world for its ability to now track an intruder or object the entire time. This is bringing a more sustainable and secure world to all aspects of life.


Prisons are in countries through out the world. Is it possible for prison regulations to be safer? What is accur8vision can help in detaining inmates or protect inmates from being attacked from other inmates? Can drones be spotted before they drop paraphernalia to the inmates.

Accur8vision is a system that uses lidar technology. This technology allows for many different scenarios to play out. Because the lasers are spinning 360 degrees out into an open area it is possible to cover any distance between 30m to 300m. Using these lidars with accur8vision and security zones, it will be extremely difficult for anything to go undetected. Prison breaks? Not anymore. If an inmate is caught outside the perimeter and there is a security zone, the alarm will be activated. The security zones can have different threat levels. If there is an uprising within the inmate population and a certain number of people are involved, the threat level could be at severe which could then in return shut cell doors or lock down the area. There are many different ways to set up the zones.


1 | Protection along the outside walls

In this example regarding prisons, a security zone is placed around the outside of the prison walls. The zones are perfect for these situations because they can be as high or as wide as the prisons would like. These zones can help with a few scenarios.

First Scenario – If an inmate is trying to escape it could be possible that the guards could lose track of them. Placing the zone around the outside of the prison allows for the alarms to be sounded as far as the lidar can see. This helps in convincing the inmates that they might not want to try and escape.


Second Scenario - If there is an issue with common people coming up to the fences or outside of the prison handing off items to incarcerated people, this zone could help prevent these matters from happening. The minute an individual enters a security zone an alarm is activated. The guards will be aware the minute someone is too close to the prison and/or fence.


Third Scenario - Drones. Drones are now a bit of a nuisance in many situations. One of those situations can be commoners bringing goods or contraband in for the inmates. It is not that difficult for the drones to drop packages in the courtyards or maybe even the hands of the inmates. With enough coverage from the lidars, it is possible to form a ‘virtual net’ per say which is then able to set off an alarm in the event of a drone entering the security zone.


2 | Green and Red Zones

The red zones represent where the alarm can be activated. If the hallways are to be covered to make sure that the inmates don’t escape or jump over the walls, these areas can stay red, so an alarm is still activated. The green zone represents where the guards or whomever can walk freely without activating an alarm. Different zones can be set for different times of the day. If the guards are not patrolling the area, the zones can be red zones through the entire area. If the guards are patrolling the area, the parts of the zones can be green zones so that no alarm will be activated if they are there. It is up to the client on how they would like to have the zones set up.


Another prospect is to have the entire area as a red zone and have guards be known as friendlies and have the inmates be known as hostiles. In this way the system will know if the


3 | Inside the prison

First Scenario - Courtyards are a place where the inmates can hang out. If there is a courtyard inside the prison, the guards can activate and deactivate the zones for the times that the inmates are in the yard and the times where there should be nobody in the area. This way the guards can keep the areas secure when necessary. There is also a way inside accur8vision to have crowd control. If there are too many inmates gathering at one time, an alarm can be issued to alert the guards that they might want to pay attention to this area.


Second Scenario - Corridors and entries can also be safeguarded by accur8vision. The guards can either place security zones in front of the cell doors or they are more than able to secure the entire corridor. It is up to how the guard would like to have the area secure for that moment in time. This is another area where you can have the red secure zones and green free zones

Accur8vision was found to be a positive source of security when it came to prisons. Guards and inmates were able to coincide together with less incidents. The possibility of keeping peace within the prisons are a great way to prevent riots and inkeeping both the guards and the inmates safe.






Accur8vision is shedding a new light on the security and safety world for its ability to now track an intruder or object the entire time. This is bringing a more sustainable and secure world to all aspects of life.


Drones have become a hot commodity in the last few years. The more places people travel to the more places there are signs stating that no drones are allowed. Not only is it pesky for normal everyday people but it is also a problem in regard to security. Many drones come with high end cameras that can record or take pictures. This is a big risk for high end infrastructure like nuclear power plants and government divisions.

With accur8vision and the use of lidar technology, it is possible to create something like a virtual net. This virtual net creates laser beams in a pattern where it is impossible for a drone to fly through it without activating an alarm. It is also possible to track the trajectory of the drone so that it is visible to see exactly which direction the drone came from.


1 | Drones

Using accur8vision against drones was successful. With the lidar beams interweaving together causing a sort of web design made it feasible to detect the smallest of drones. The number of lidar used differentiates between the needs of the area but the detection of the drone was realistic. Placing lidars at an angle over what needs to be protected causes the laser beams to be more distributed towards the sky causing a network of laser beams. A security zone inside accur8vision was then placed on top of the building that needed to be protected. Once the drone was inside the security zone an alarm was activated. This technology, accur8vision, was able to detect a drone and alert the operator that there was a drone on premises.


Drone detection is possible when using accur8vision which consists of lidars and security zones. The drone wasn’t able to go undetected once it flew into the area of the lidar and the security zone.




Volumetric detection

- Accur8vision is shedding a new light on the security and safety world for its ability to now track an intruder or object the entire time. This is bringing a more sustainable and secure world to all aspects of life.

Conventional security systems have been the same since forever. With the rapid change in technology there could be a better solution out there than conventional security. Why keep everything the same, when you can update the security sector to be in par with the changing technology? If an intruder can be detected the entire time, why not use this over the ability of the intruder having the upper hand? Once they get passed perimeter detection they are gone. The use of lidar technology is rapidly growing not only in the autonomous car industry but also within robotics, smart cities, industrial, and others. Why not the security world? Lidars are a revolutionary tool that allows the coverage of an entire area. Coverage can range from 30m to 245m depending on the lidar. How can the lidar be used within the security sector? How is it possible to track a person the entire time without losing sight of them? Is it possible to set off an alarm to alert the guards if necessary? These are all questions that were taken into consideration when developing accur8vision. How can the development of the best security system in the world happen? As it was soon found out, it was possible to create something that will change the way individuals consider security systems.


1 | 6 Main Components


Volumetric Detection

This system offers full spatial detection surveillance of an entire area compared to line circuit detection in the classical perimetric systems.

Lidar Technology

With the use of lidar, the system knows the exact position of the object in the real environment and portrays the intruder in the 3D map in the exact same position.

Three Dimensional Map

The map is the exact replica of the real environment and contains anti-collision measures which allows movement inside the map. It also serves as a unique coordinate system.

Security Zones

3D zones are areas that activate the alarm and showcase the intruder’s trajectory and speed. Different types of zones and priorities can be set..

Artificial Intelligence

Accur8vision can classify what type of objects (person, animal, vehicle) entered guarded zone during real-time detection.

Virtual Reality

Accur8vision allows the placement of virtual lidars and cameras to the scene before placing in the real environment for optimal coverage. The system can be tested by a virtual pawn.


2 | 2D Video Analysis vs. 3D Lidar Detection


Many question what the difference between video analysis and lidar is. With 2D video analysis, it is sometimes difficult to determine how large objects are. Sometimes it is difficult to get a clear sense of where an object is. Is it close or is it far away? Are there two objects that look like they are at the same area but are not? Video analysis only uses 2D pixels which can make it difficult to determine exactly the size and position of the object. With lidar and their laser beams it becomes a bit easier. When the laser beam hits a solid surface, the pulse comes back to the lidar at the speed of light. With this information it is now possible to know the position of the object. Accur8vision works with both cameras and lidars. With both components working together inside accur8vision, it has the basis of being a very difficult system to beat.


3 | Volumetric vs Linear Detection


This is the main difference between accur8vision and conventional security systems. Conventional security systems typically detect the perimeter of a guarded area and that is all. Once an intruder permeates the fence and is inside the perimeter they could hide or disappear in one of the buildings. The operator does not know which direction the intruder goes in or where they could possibly be hiding. With accur8vision the entire area is detected and guarded. Accur8vision is able to ‘see’ the intruder the entire time. There is no chance for the intruder to go undetected once they enter the guarded area. This allows the operator to call police or send out a guard to catch the intruder.


4 | Lidar Detection


Accur8vision carries a plethora of lidars. The lidars range between 30m and 245m. The field of view in a lidar is very important when planning the area for detection. Most lidars used in accur8vision have a horizontal field of view of 360° with a resolution of 0.1°. With the vertical field of view comes many differences. The FOV range of degrees the lidars have inside accur8vision can vary between 0° to 270°. The vertical field of view is also determined on how many channels the lidar has and whether they have a linear or nonlinear distribution of channels. The lidar channel range inside accur8vision can be from 1 beam up to 128 beams. The linear lidars mean the angle of the beams are all at the same distribution. The nonlinear lidars mean that the angle of the beams are more clustered together in the middle of all the beams. Detection is carried out using multichannel laser detectors that rotate laser beams into an open area. When the lidar beam hits surrounding objects, it informs the system of the exact distance of these objects from the detector. While scanning the entire area, it does not matter if the object is static or moving, the lidar will detect it. It is important to keep in mind that all projects can have a different array of lidars in them. Each project does not have to have only one brand of lidars it is possible to use whichever lidar fits best for the situation.


5 | 3D Mapping


The 3D map has many functions inside accur8vision. The world is in 3D and it was believed that accur8vision should be to. Unlike conventional systems that use 2D mapping, a8v uses 3D mapping. The map is the exact replica of the real environment allowing the map to play important roles in planning the placement of the components before placing it in the real environment. Not only is it possible to use the map as a planning tool but it is also has a unique coordinate system. This allows the calibration of the lidar and camera to be calibrated with the 3D map. The map also comes with an anti-collision system that allows a virtual pawn to walk around the map to test it. The map comes with many settings where the operator can change the shadows and ambient light. The accur8vision team also comes highly qualified in the graphic design department where they are able to clean the map and add virtual moving elements. The map can be created using many different techniques. Photogrammetry, which is the most common, can be completed by either a drone or by a camera. It is also possible to create the map using a lidar scan or CAD systems. As long as the map is either FBX or OBJ, the map will work inside accur8vision.


6 | Planning Tool (Lidar)


The planning tools inside accur8vision allows the installer to place the lidar in the perfect location. This saves everyone time and money as it can be done before placing in the real environment thanks to the 3D map. While using the drag and drop arrows, it is possible to place the lidar anywhere on the map. There are many different lidars inside accur8vision so the installer will use the planning tool in helping to choose the correct lidar to use. Once the lidar is placed in what could be the best position, the lidar’s snapshot points can be turned on. Once the purple dots are activated, the installer can see exactly the area that the lidar is going to cover. The purple dots represent the real points from the lidar. This helps in making sure that the entire area is covered with the lidar points and that the intruder will never go undetected.


7 | Planning Tool (Camera)


Because the 3D map is an exact replica of the real environment, it can be used as a planning tool. It allows the operator to set up the components inside accur8vision before placing them in the real environment. This makes for an easy and smooth transition to the real environment. There are two ways that accur8vision can help in placing cameras. The first one is to insert the camera into the 3D map using the drag and drop arrows. This allows the installer to move the camera around the scene to choose the best location. Once the camera is placed in an area that looks good, the installer can then activate the calibration tool where they will be able to see the view that the camera will see if placed there. The second option is the green light source. This planning tool is great for big areas or maps with many many cameras. When placing the camera into the scene, the installer can activate the camera light source. The green light represents the area the camera will cover while the shadows represents the area that the camera has a blind spot in. These two planning tools for the camera allow the installer to place the cameras in the very best spot.


8 | Planning Tool (Virtual Pawn)


Once the lidar and the camera are placed in the map, the installer can use the virtual pawn as the final test to make sure that the lidar are in the proper place. The lidar hits will be shown on the virtual pawn’s body. The virtual pawn is able to walk, run, crouch, and do the military crawl. Because the system comes with anti-collision parts the pawn can do all these things in the map. This means that the pawn is able to walk on the ground like a normal person would in the real environment. This is another great way to test the system and make sure the components are placed in the right place.


9 | Real Alarm Events


Real alarm events are quite nice in accur8vision. All components work together inside the system. When an intruder enters a security zone, an alarm is triggered. The operator gets information about the exact position of the intruder in real time. Not only do they know exactly where they are, but the operator also knows the intruder’s size, speed and trajectory of movement. Not only will the intruder never go undetected but during an alarm event the camera and the lidar work together inside the system. When there is an alarm event all cameras will rotate to the area of intrusion. This is done based on the lidar detecting the intruder. It is not done by video detection but by everything inside the system working together.


10 | Alarm Zones


Alarm zones are 3D objects. They are simply created by clicking anywhere on the map. The designer of the system can easily click on these zones where they can be rotated, widened, or even placed at a higher height. It is also possible to connect multiple zones into one big zone. It all depends on what is necessary to protect inside the map. It is also possible to carve out trees and shrubs that could easily cause false alarms with these zones. These zones are known as excluded zones. There are a lot of different types of zones inside accur8vision. Some of them are listed below:

Excluded Zones – Zones that allow objects in a certain area without setting off the alarm

Delayed Zones – This allows so many seconds before an alarm is activated. Can be used with access control systems

Pre-Alarm Zones – This allows a zone to be placed around the actual alarm zone. This zone will not cause alarms but will allow the cameras to rotate to the point of action inside these zones. This way the operator is able to check the event logs in case of any problems.

Exit Corridors and Emergency Exit Zones – Keeping corridors and emergency exits clear and free of clutter is very important when keeping employees safe. Having clutter blocking corridors can be a safety hazard. These zones can be placed in corridors where an alarm can be activated so that the operator is aware that there is something blocking the corridors.

Points Controlled Zones – When an area inside the zones is to have a certain amount of points. For example, a gate. If the points change for whatever reason, maybe a truck is blocking the gate, the alarm will be activated.

Loitering Zones – An alarm is activated if you have a certain object in the zone for a certain amount of time.


Accur8vision is a volumetric security system that protects against all things in an entire area. With an elimination of false alarms and the ability to not only detect intruders but also drones, a8v is a very robust system.


Accur8vision can be placed in all aspects of industry from nuclear power plants, data centers, power stations, factories, oil and gas, to residential houses.


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